We are a group of people - members and collaborators - who are attracted by Jewish culture and motivated by the interest and the satisfaction its music arises in us; and we are decided to give impulse to this project which we are going to build gradually and together.

We are oriented to the collaboration and cooperation with other institutions, entities and communities in order to attain activities which will have coincident goals, with a reflexive and constructive attitude, without losing the autonomy that we want to be our characteristic.

We hope to obtain a space of encounter for all those who might identify themselves with our objectives and would want to get actively implied and contribute with ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Finally, we are sympathizers, people fond of, musicians and professionals linked to music. We are particularly interested in Jewish music, and we expect, with our effort, to take forward the project, with a place for everybody. Thus, we can attain success and strength to the IMJ·BCN -  "INSTITUT DE MUSICA JUEVA" de Barcelona -, which we consider to be of a great value for the music and culture in general.